About ISM Translations

The ISM Translations was inspired by God through our dear man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome. Borne out of the desire to reach the world through languages, and because we have a unique message that the world needs to hear.

Our vision is to build a team of translators that would work with us to translate ALL ministry programs, teachings and materials in all the languages of the world.

The team is also involved in the translations of the ISM Language School Materials. The ISM Language School is specially designed with rich curriculum and content translated into several languages to meet the learning needs of Ministers with language barriers. Non-English speaking Ministers now have the opportunity to register and attend classes in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Hindi, Swahili, and more.

The School also offers a unique program titled, “THE ISM IN YOUR CITY.” It's a learning program organized by the ISM for Pastors who prefer special classroom sessions for leaders in their ministries. These ministers are exposed to the teachings of our man of God, Pastor Chris, in a specific language(s). These teachings are designed to equip the ministers with spiritual tools for the work ahead, and for the expansion of God’s kingdom.

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The ISM Online Session is the first of its kind one-year online study program by the International School of Ministry, specially designed for ministers of the Gospel to study and complete specialized ministerial courses within a given period in their local languages